Buying a Handbag at an Online Auction

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If you are looking for a designer handbag at an affordable price, you’ve come to the right place. Heritage Online Handbag Auctions offer weekly online sales that start at just $1. These sales do not have estimates or reserves, so you can bid whatever you like. Generally, items sell for between $500 and $2,500, with some higher. One rare Louis Vuitton top-handle bag in navy blue Lucite sold for $325 during a recent sale. Rare leathers fetch even higher prices. Most of the bags in these auctions are from the last 20 years, but some go as far back as the 1950s.

Hermes handbags are a popular item to bid on at handbag auctions. Buying an original Hermes handbag at an auction can bring in a high price, and the waiting list for an item of this caliber can be long. However, you can purchase replica Hermes handbags from reputable online auction sites.

Sotheby’s Handbag & Accessories department auctions are another great way to find the perfect bag. The specialists at Sotheby’s are constantly on the lookout for rare and unique accessories. You may even find a Chanel runway bag or a limited-edition Louis Vuitton Speedy from the Marc Jacbos era. There are multiple locations worldwide for these auctions, and many of them offer no-reserve lots. Bidding starts at as low as $1 in local currency.

The highest-priced bag sold at the Sotheby’s Paris auction in May 2010 was a Hermes Birkin bag. This bag cost more than EUR350,000 and was made by Hermes jeweler Pierre Hardy in two years. The bag was created in limited editions, and only twelve pieces were made.

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