EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee

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The EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee is an educational program that teaches high school students about budgeting, investing, credit cards, and saving. The ed-tech company has partnered with the Principal Foundation to make the program available free of charge to educators and students alike. It has reached nearly 11,000 students in over 100 Bay Area schools, and has provided nearly 34,000 hours of online education.

The EVERFI platform provides students with a personalized and relevant learning experience. Rather than relying on rote lessons or generic materials, EVERFI allows students to practice financial literacy skills in a safe, non-threatening environment. It also includes Spanish-language modules. In addition, EVERFI’s financial curriculum is designed to address the needs and wants of a diverse group of learners.

The EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee is a national competition that encourages high school students to learn about financial decision-making. The competition features four online lessons that cover four financial topics, as well as an essay contest. Students who complete all four lessons are eligible to win up to $10,000 in college scholarships.

In addition to the financial literacy program, the EVERFI program also provides high school educators with free online financial education courses. This is an ideal opportunity to provide financial education to students and teachers at a lower cost.

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