How to Buy an Auction Watch

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If you are planning to purchase an auction watch, you will need to be very careful about what you are purchasing. The auction house may be hiding information about the watch, so you have to pay close attention to details. There are several ways you can check whether a watch is authentic or not. For example, you can read a watch book or research a specific watch brand.

You should also be familiar with the concept of buyer’s premium, which is the additional cost tacked onto the hammer price. This fee is calculated when the watch is purchased at auction. It is very important to know how to calculate this premium before you bid on a watch. Be aware that the buyer’s premium can differ from one auction house to another.

AuctionWatch aims to be as fast and easy to use as possible. It won’t remember individual auctions, but it will remind you to post them if you don’t post them right away. When you are done with auctions, you’ll receive a report that contains a frame of information. The frame will list how many auctions you’ve made, which character – Realm they belong to, and the time since you last opened the auction house.

Another benefit of watching auctions is that you can examine the items up close. This allows you to check the quality and specification of the item. In addition, you can ask the auction house for any documentation regarding the watch. If you find something that seems to be a poor quality, a dealer may be willing to discount the item accordingly.

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