International Finance Bank

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The International Finance Bank serves international and domestic clients with an approximate 50/50 ratio. As a member of Grupo IF, its growth is based on global macroeconomic events. This global perspective has given the bank a distinct advantage over its competitors. Its team of professionals is especially adept at dealing with foreign clients.

The bank offers a range of equity and debt financing services to support business development. Its mission is to support economic development by helping companies confront risk exposures. While it does not take over management roles, IFC provides advice to companies on risk management, business strategy and assessing their impact on society. It also helps governments build infrastructure, develop partnerships and encourage private sector development. Its managing director, Makhtar Diop, previously served as vice president of the World Bank, leading global efforts to build sustainable infrastructure in developing and emerging economies.

Aside from offering a broad range of business banking products, International Finance Bank also provides personal banking services. Its services include term and asset-based lending, secured loans, real estate loans, construction loans, and term loans. It also offers a host of other financial products. The bank’s mission is to address the banking needs of its diverse community.

International Finance and Banking is a peer-reviewed academic journal that focuses on international finance and banking. Published by the Macrothink Institute, the journal is an international platform for financial professionals and researchers. It is available online, and accepts articles on banking, investment, and corporate finance. It also covers monetary and regulatory issues.

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