Introduction to Finance

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An introduction to finance course helps you understand the basics of the financial world. Participants learn how the stock market works and why investments make money. They also learn how to structure investments for different goals. The course is self-paced and backed by world-class academic advisors and success coaches. It has a standard 8-week course duration, but you can tailor the course to suit your needs.

An introduction to finance course aims to provide a basic knowledge of the financial world to students who do not have any previous background in the field. It provides a solid foundation for future financial courses. The text includes real-world examples and explanations of key concepts. Moreover, it teaches students the different roles of finance in different settings and helps them understand the different functions it has in the business world.

Besides corporate finance, it also deals with public finance. Public finance deals with the financial activities of a country. It involves taxation, budgeting and resource allocation. This introduction to finance focuses on corporate finance, but there are also resources on public and personal finance. For more details, see the links below.

An introduction to finance course aims at providing students with a basic knowledge of financial management. It introduces key concepts and calculations and covers topics such as the risk-return relationship, the risk-return tradeoff, and asset valuation. Students also learn how to use Excel spreadsheets to create financial models and value companies.

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