Investing Sustainability

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Investing sustainability is the process of incorporating sustainability considerations into investment portfolios. Active investment managers use cutting-edge data science capabilities, deep fundamental analysis, and corporate management access to identify sustainable leaders. By contrast, passive investment methods rely on third-party data sources and are subject to varying standards of quality. An effective multifaceted approach requires innovative proprietary data sources to accurately measure sustainability and make sound investment decisions.

The first step in investing sustainability is education. There are many resources available for investors to learn about it. It can also be helpful to work with a financial advisor who has a thorough understanding of the process. Advisors can also help clients envision what investing sustainability means for their portfolios. Investing sustainability can help advisors differentiate their practice from their competitors.

A growing number of investors are becoming more conscious of sustainable investing. In recent years, dedicated sustainable investment strategies have exploded in assets and demand. Growing societal concerns, increasing regulatory requirements, and increased investment conviction are driving this growing market. Sustainable investing is a great way to capture these trends and benefit from them in the long run.

While the supply side of investing sustainability has a long way to go, financial innovations are emerging. Green bonds, green loans, and sustainability linked loans are examples of such innovations. These innovations offer the potential to increase impact and scale.

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