Is Investing in Silver a Bad Investment?

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Investing in silver can be a risky business, and it is not recommended for beginners. Silver’s price can go up and down rapidly, causing a substantial loss if you’re not careful. Also, silver doesn’t follow the same pattern as other investments, making it hard to predict when to sell. If you’re looking for a steady return, another investment option is gold.

The downside to investing in silver is that it doesn’t offer any dividends or interest. In contrast, stock investments pay dividends and interest. With silver, you’ll only receive a capital gain if you sell it at a higher price. And if you don’t want to move your silver around, you can invest in exchange-traded products instead.

One reason that silver isn’t a great investment is that price manipulation has made silver a lousy investment in the past. Bankers and governments have been manipulating silver prices for decades, and there’s no sign of this trend ending. In fact, a recent lawsuit filed against JP Morgan Chase & Co. claims that the bank engaged in illegal activities when manipulating the silver futures market.

Because of its high demand, silver’s price fluctuates daily, and is subject to multiple determinants. The price can drop even after you make an investment. This makes it a risky investment for new investors, as they may not have access to information about the market.

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