Despite their impressive qualifying record, Italy missed out on a trip to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar by the skin of their teeth. The defending European champions failed to make the trip for the second time in as many years. Their failure to make the finals came as a shock to thousands of Blues fans. They were expected to face Portugal in the final, but a 2-0 loss to Austria in their last game of the year left Italy with a disappointing finish to a relatively good year.

The Italians did manage to win two games during qualifying, including a 2-0 victory over Hungary and a 1-0 win over England. They also drew two matches, including a 1-1 draw against Switzerland. They did not manage to beat second-place Ukraine at home or away.

The UEFA Euros 2022 final in Qatar will feature Italy, Portugal, and host Brazil. It is a tournament which could provide some of the world’s best players with a golden opportunity to showcase their skills. It could also give a promising crop of youngsters a chance to show their stuff.

Italy will be the biggest miss of the tournament, but they aren’t the only big name to miss out. Brazil is expected to take home the trophy, while Argentina will also be in contention. Both of these teams have a lot to prove after missing out on World Cups in recent years.

The other big name is Uruguay, which will be making its World Cup debut. Uruguay has a great generation of players including Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani. It is expected that they will make the short trip to Qatar in 2022. In addition to that, they have a very talented coach in Jose Maria Gimenez.

The biggest surprise is that Italy failed to make the cut for the 2022 World Cup. They were one of only eight teams to miss out on a berth at the World Cup, although they did qualify for the UEFA European Championship in 2021. Their qualification is more of a purgatory than a parade, and they will probably miss out again in Qatar. It’s a shame, especially given the success of previous Italian teams.

The World Cup may be two years away, but the qualifying process is still in full swing. Italy is a strong team, but they have not made it to the top of the World Cup tree. They have missed out on four World Cups in the past, but they still have the opportunity to make their mark in Qatar. They will have to wait until November to test themselves against the best in the world.

The UEFA playoffs will also decide which teams advance to the next round. The tournament may be the best time for this promising crop of players. The 2022 World Cup is a great opportunity for some of the best young talent to shine. But it’s also a chance for the established players to rest their legs.

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