Mecum Auctions

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The Mecum Auction Company is the world leader in vintage and antique car, vintage motorcycle, and Road Art sales. With auctions all over the United States, the company hosts more than 20,000 auction lots a year. There is usually more than one auction per month. Mecum auctions have been held for 35 years.

Mecum auctions have been televised on Speedvision for many years and are now being shown online as well. These events have a worldwide audience, and the company is looking for ways to reach as many potential bidders as possible. Mecum is a leading employer in Walworth, Wisconsin.

Today, Mecum Auctions employs more than 200 people at its auctions, but the family-run company still keeps a close-knit environment. The auctioneers work in shifts of 30 minutes each, going through as many as 40 cars an hour. While the company has expanded and opened locations across the country, it remains an intimate and family-oriented business.

The Mecum Auctions website has an extensive database of vehicles, and a detailed auction catalog can be accessed online. A variety of vehicles are available, including vintage cars, muscle cars, and antique motorcycles. The company’s Houston auction featured several vehicles from a variety of categories. Some buyers bought these vehicles for personal enjoyment, while others bought for resale purposes. For example, Roderick Sellers, who is not a car collector, attended the auction to buy three old-school vehicles – a 1941 Ford pickup, a 1949 Cadillac sedan, and a 1970s Chevy C10 convertible. He says he’s been going to Mecum auctions for two years.

Mecum auctions have been a mainstay in the auction industry for more than 30 years. Since then, it has grown to become one of the largest collector-car auction companies. However, in spite of its success, Mecum has never had a strong brand name or the most recognizable brand. To combat this, the company has reinvested in its brand name and expanded its brand as an entertainment company.

The auction room at a Mecum auction is full of energy and excitement. The Caller (also known as the “Color Reader”) introduces lots as they approach the block and keeps the room’s energy high. Afterwards, the Caller hands over to the Auctioneer, who makes the final call. These two teams rotate every 30 minutes, keeping the energy level high during the nonstop sales.

Road Art has also become a staple of Mecum auctions. These pieces are memorabilia that can be used as decor in a home or business, not just in a car. Many of these items are not automotive related, but they complement car collections and add to the overall theme. Road Art pieces can include everything from classic car parts to Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s fire suit from the 1996 Daytona 500.

There are scammers out there. Beware of those who advertise a low mileage car on their listings. These scammers won’t back up their claims.

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