Ocugen Stock Price Fall

by admin

Ocugen is a biotechnology company that develops products that help the body regenerate healthy cartilage and joints. The company serves patients and orthopedists throughout the United States. One of its products is called Omnicron neutralizer and has shown promise in neutralizing the autoimmune disease. However, the company has seen a 50% drop in stock price since the company’s previous high. Investors should beware of this company’s potential volatility and should use caution when investing.

Ocugen stock fell 6.9% in premarket trading after news broke that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had put a clinical hold on the company’s Phase 2/3 study. The hold was a result of a filing the company filed in December. It hasn’t yet made a decision on the company’s future clinical trials, but investors should keep an eye on it.

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