Portugal Real Estate Investment

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Portuguese real estate investment is considered one of the most interesting markets in Europe. The prices of Portugal’s real estate have never been more appealing. Despite a downturn in 2009, prices have stabilised since 2002. In addition, Portugal has a lower cost of living than most other European countries.

Taxes in Portugal are lower for expatriates compared to other European countries. The country has a Non Habitual Resident tax regime, which offers reduced rates of tax and exemptions on certain taxes. Second citizenship will not lower your tax rate in most European countries, but in Portugal, second citizenship can lower your tax rates.

Portugal’s non-habitual residency program is a great opportunity for foreign investors who wish to invest in Portuguese real estate. This program allows foreign investors to purchase property in Portugal and pay no income tax. Portugal also introduced a beneficial voluntary Personal Income Tax (PIT) regime in 2009, which provides a low tax rate for non-habitual residents. This regime is aimed at attracting ultra and high-net-worth individuals and talented individuals in high-value-added activities.

In order to invest in Portugal real estate, you will need a Portuguese bank account and a Portuguese tax number. You will also need to register your property with the tax office.

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