Qatar Prepares For Islam During the FIFA World Cup 2022

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Among the many events to be held during the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, Islam will play an important role. The country has taken several steps to ensure visitors get a true experience of Islam. A recent article by Roznama Ummat explains the various activities scheduled to educate visitors about Islam.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will see the introduction of a variety of Islamic events, including mosques, Islamic exhibitions, and lectures by religious leaders. The Qatari government is preparing for these events in order to introduce the western world to Islam. They are preparing a comprehensive invitation to Islam, and are fully prepared to explain it to visitors.

In addition to these religious events, Qatar has a number of laws, which are based on Islamic Shariah law. These laws include blasphemy laws, which are imposed on all nationalities. Moreover, drugs are prohibited in Qatar, as they can lead to heavy fines. In addition, there is a ban on sexual intercourse outside marriage. These laws are considered illegal by activists in the country.

Some people believe the viral video of four people converting to Islam in front of Islamic preacher Zakir Naik is a propaganda video aimed at the FIFA World Cup 2022. The video is old, and AFWA found it to be irrelevant to the tournament. Its source is an article by Islamic religious scholar Zia Chitrali, which was published in the Pakistan-based pro-Taliban daily Roznama Ummat.

Zakir Naik is an Islamic preacher who is fugitive from the Indian government, accused of money laundering and hate speech. He is currently living in exile in Malaysia. However, he is invited to preach Islam on the sidelines of the FIFA World Cup 2022. In the event, he is expected to deliver sermons and lectures. He will also have access to several prayer areas at the stadiums.

Qatar’s da’wa (Islamic religious service) is also undergoing preparations for the FIFA World Cup. Ten special camps have been set up in the country for da’wa work. They will also be equipped with 2,000 volunteers who will be trained to deliver the message of haq. In addition, the Qatari Ministry of Awqaf has established a full-fledged da’wa institution. In the event, Qatar will display Hadiths of the Holy Prophet to welcome visitors.

Another example of how Qatar is using the FIFA World Cup to introduce Islamic culture is the decision to display Arabic in English. Arabic is the native language of the majority of Qatari residents, so it will be easier for tourists to understand what they are reading. In addition, the Qatari government is putting up boards of short hadiths of the Holy Prophet, which will be read by visitors and the locals.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be a great opportunity for the country to introduce its culture and Islamic values to the western world. However, it is important to note that the country’s laws are strict and blasphemy laws apply to all nationalities. These laws may be a threat to Christians in Qatar.

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