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As one of the largest auctioneers in Northern Ireland, Ross Art Auction is a leading name in the art world. They host quarterly Irish art auctions that feature a variety of art forms, including watercolours, oil paintings, and sculpture. In addition to these types of works, they also feature objects d’art and ceramic art. They are known for offering works by some of the most celebrated international artists.

A Bob Ross painting can easily fetch more than $10k. Currently, one is listed for $94k. Bob Ross’s paintings were often done in less than 30 minutes, and the artist’s work is highly replicable. His work is valued on the basis of social capital as well as basic economic principles.

While Bob Ross’s works are widespread, they are relatively scarce on the open market. The paintings rarely come up for auction on the open market, and those that do often receive dozens of bids. This makes them extremely rare, and very desirable. They rarely go on the open market, so they often fetch more than $10k. Bob Ross paintings are rarely sold on eBay, but you can buy one directly from Bob Ross, Inc.

Bob Ross started his career as a painter by painting landscapes on gold pans in Alaska. He later became certified as a painting instructor. One of his students encouraged him to break away from his teacher’s job and form his own company. He and his wife Annette Kowalski put their life savings together to launch Bob Ross, Inc., a $15m/year enterprise.

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