Stock Tips For Tomorrow

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In the stock market, you should take the time to understand your stock’s value. It is a complex process that takes a lot of time and effort to perform. You must know the different aspects of stocks, conduct research and analyze the performance of each stock. Stock tips can help you decide which stocks are good buys or sells, and make better decisions.

Today, the Nifty future closed at 7779 with a loss of 201 points. It hit a high around 8334 and closed near that high. However, the stock’s intraday range was 145 points and closed near the low of 8191. Banknifty intraday strategy for tomorrow was a huge loser at 19183. The high for the day was 7992 and the low was 7902. In the option market, there is a huge open interest cut of nearly 8000 calls.

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