The Financial 2000 Manual

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Among the many financial products and services the Department of Education provides is its Financial 2000 Manual. This manual was created by the staff of the Division of Corporation Finance and is available for download in both traditional PDF and web formats. The manual can be found on the Division’s website.

The Financial 2000 Manual is a must-read if you’re involved in financial management. It contains a host of useful information on entities, reporting, budgeting, and accounting. It also offers informal accounting guidance in the form of the Financial Reporting Manual.

The Financial 2000 Manual has the obvious function of tracking inventory assets, but does it also provide GASB 34/35 required Capital Asset Activity Reports? This may not be obvious at first, but it does provide a way to do so. The application ties in with Reports 2000, which is an integrated tool for preparing ad hoc reports. The manual contains a variety of other features, including an easy to navigate navigation system, and is available in two formats.

The Financial 2000 Manual is a bit of a gimmick, but if you’re interested in tracking the assets of your department, it may be worth your time to learn more. The Manual may be updated from time to time. The information presented in the manual might not be the official view of the department, but it will certainly be a good starting point. It may also be useful for other departmental staff members who are new to the financial world.

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