Virginia Auctioneers Licenses and Requirements

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Licensed auctioneers are required by SS 54.1-603 to possess a valid auctioneer’s license in order to engage in the practice of auctioneering in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Licensees must also comply with all the requirements set by the Board. The Board has the authority to revoke the license of auctioneers whose performance of the duties of auctioneering is found to be incompetent or in violation of this chapter.

Auctioneers are required to complete continuing education courses approved by the Board. These courses must be completed for license renewal or reinstatement. Nonresident auctioneers must meet all the requirements of this chapter and must also file irrevocable consent.

Auctions can be used to sell any type of property. They can also help you reduce holding costs, and sell quickly. Auctions can also be a quick way to get a group of interested buyers together.

If you are interested in buying property at an auction, it’s best to do your due diligence. You should make sure that the property you are interested in has a valid title. Purchasing property at an auction may be an easy way to get a piece of property without paying dealer fees or interest rates. You can also get a great deal on vehicles by bidding at public auto auctions.

You can find public auto auctions across the state of Virginia. Some auctions are held online, so you can bid and purchase a vehicle without having to physically attend the auction.

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