What Is SCP Auctions About?

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If you’re looking for the best auction company in the US, look no further than SCP Auctions. Not only do they treat their customers like family, they’re also very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and transparent about the whole process. You can read more about them by browsing the questions below.

A lawsuit has been filed by the widow of the NFL Official, Fred Fleig, against SCP Auctions. The company did not give the widow the ring back, despite demands from the police. According to the lawsuit, SCP Auctions didn’t want to hand over the ring to Mary Elizabeth Fleig until he paid a 25 percent commission, but the auction agreement only stipulated that the company would receive five percent. The lawsuit seeks immediate return of the papers, as well as unspecified damages.

Austin joined SCP Auctions in June 2021. A native of Sacramento, he has lived in Southern California since 2018. His skills are diverse, as he graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Print/Online Journalism. He also has a passion for sports and enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

If you decide to purchase an item, you need to contact SCP Auctions and schedule a time to pick it up. You’ll need to wait for the payment to clear before the items are available for pick-up. And remember that SCP Auctions doesn’t make any guarantees about the condition of the item.

With over a hundred years of combined experience in the industry, SCP Auctions has an expert team for every type of collector. Their partnership with the storied auction house Sotheby’s means that they have the knowledge to satisfy even the most discerning collectors. They’ll help you find the best collectibles in your price range.

One such example is a Jackie Robinson PSA 2-graded stub that sold for $480,000 in February. It broke the color barrier at the time. Typically, such an item sells for a little more than $20,000. So, if you’re interested in buying an item at an auction, consider this in 2015. This is the perfect opportunity to make a great investment. If you’re interested in a rare baseball item, you’ll want to check out SCP Auctions’ online.

SCP Auctions was founded by David Kohler in 1979. Since then, the company has helped people sell valuable and rare items. Its staff has achieved record prices for items at auction and private sales. Its success has been based on its expertise and a keen eye for uniqueness.

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